Digital cinema for distributors: the Ymagis’ model for the transition

Ymagis offers solutions for all distributors to switch from analogue to digital

At Ymagis, we support the distributors for all aspects of the digital transition: technical, financial and operational. We adapt our solutions to all kinds of distributors: blockbusters, art-house films or alternative content distributors. We believe each of their strategies must be taken into account in the agreements we sign with them. We have adapted the American VPF model to the European market’s needs to accommodate the specificities of a very diversified market. Finally, the Ymagis digital lab provides adequate solutions for DCP and KDM creation and digital prints delivery.

You can use our lab to create your DCP or send KDMs to cinemas, whether they are covered by VPF agreements with Ymagis or not

We have adapted the American VPF to the European market’s needs and have created a Contribution to the Digital Transition (CTN) model

We provide guaranties to distributors of a rational and efficient deployment process. In return, we expect only two commitments:

  • To provide films or any other content in a digital format, taking into account that there must be a transitional period for the market to become 100% digital.
  • To contribute financially, in a proportional and fair way, for each digital content that is distributed.

The Ymagis CTN represents many advantages for the distributor:

  • Guaranty of Standardized equipment: we finance only DCI equipment
  • Transparency: the cost of equipment is accounted for and capped, with all CTNs invested in a pooled fund for each country, ensuring all distributors’ participation is limited in time
  • Economically attractive: the CTN amount, combined with the digital delivery costs, remains always lower than 35mm costs
  • Fair: all content providers using the equipment do participate.
  • No interference: distributors and exhibitors remain totally free to decide their booking policy, as CTN doesn’t interfere with film or other content distribution strategy. Exhibitors get a fixed monthly payment from Ymagis to repay part of their investment: no risk of a « run for VPF » that would increase the distributors’ collective costs.

The CTN model is already operational

Many distributors and advertising agencies have signed long-term contributions agreements:

  • Paramount Pictures
  • Walt Disney Motion Pictures
  • Twentieth Century Fox
  • Universal Pictures International
  • Sony Pictures
  • Warner Bros
  • Mk2 Diffusion
  • Europacorp Distribution
  • La Fabrique 2
  • Censier Publicinex…

And others short-term agreements:

  • Most French distributors
  • And other distributors from Spain, Germany and Benelux

If you plan to release a digital movie or any other content, you need to prepare a DCP and send it to cinemas, and if encrypted, you will need to provide a KDM. These are technical services that Ymagis can offer you!