Digital cinema for exhibitors: the Ymagis model for the transition

Ymagis offers all exhibitors an easy way to switch from analogue to digital

Ymagis offers to exhibitors the choice to either retain both equipment ownership (« Collection » model), or have it financed through a third party financing scheme (« Investment » model). Through the Collection Model, we pay you a fixed contribution for a defined period of time that will help you pay the major part of your investment in digitization, independent of future programming.

Ymagis provides advice to exhibitors to help them choose their best operational and financial options when digitizing their cinemas

We help exhibitors save money on their digital cinema transition.

Exhibitors are free to choose both their installer and their equipment

You know which are the best options for your cinema. Ymagis will be happy to advise you to optimize your digitization but you will retain the choice of your equipment and service partners.

We accept to take a risk

Our decision is based on a thorough analysis of your past programming, and our commitment is independent from your future programming: this is our risk and we accept it. Ymagis commits for a fixed monthly contribution during the whole contract period that will pay most of your investment in digital cinema equipment.

And what is more… our technical services help our clients get the best possible results from their digital projection equipment