12 July 2018: CinemaNext Inaugurates New State-of-the-Art Premises in Liège-Barchon, Paris and Düsseldorf

Located near Liège at the Parc Artisanal in Blegny, a 2,400 m2 hub facility fully-dedicated to cinema exhibitor services including a top-notch supply chain
Liège-Barchon (Belgium), Paris-Asnières-sur-Seine (France) and Düsseldorf (Germany)/12 July 2018/ CinemaNext, the specialist in cinema exhibitor services (Ymagis Group, ISIN: FR0011471291, TICKER: MAGIS, PME-PEA, TECH 40), is pleased to announce the inauguration of new state-of-the-art facilities in Liège-Barchon, Paris-Asnières-sur-Seine and Düsseldorf. The result is a new optimized, cost-effective and fully-secured supply chain organization to support the sustainable organic growth of CinemaNext and its subsidiaries across Europe, North America, Africa, Middle East and Central Asia.

CinemaNext’s main hub located in Liège-Barchon (Parc Artisanal) features a 2,400 m² two-story building including 1,400 square meters dedicated to the supply chain and logistics. The new facility boasts interconnecting and scalable offices, fully-equipped conference rooms and advanced on-site technology platforms including the customer service department (NOC), quality-control room, projection system tests lab, a 40-seat screening facility and a showroom for cinema seating. The Liège-Barchon offices also integrate Eclair’s Benelux team, which provides color-grading and DCP mastering services for international movie releases alongside digital distribution and theatrical delivery solutions.

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19 June 2018: DOPs Thierry Pouget And Yves Angelo On Postproduction And Color Grading At Eclair

“It was a really positive experience, relevant both in terms of production and artistic intent.”

Thierry Pouget and Yves Angelo, directors of photography respectively on ‘Belle & Sebastian 3: The Last Chapter’ (Clovis Cornillac, 2017) and ‘The Red Collar’ (Jean Becker, 2018), describe their experience color grading with Eclair. They explain how the expertise of the Eclair teams allowed them to get the best possible rendering of colors, remaining true to their artistic vision.

With more than 30 years’ experience in cinematography, Yves Angelo has worked on numerous films, including ‘Germinal’ (Claude Berri, 1993) and ‘Un Coeur en Hiver’ (Claude Sautet, 1992), and, most recently, ‘Place publique’ (Agnès Jaoui, 2018). His work with Eclair on ‘The Red Collar,’ a historical movie set in 1919, is greatly inspired by 1920’s and 1930’s cinema which led to, for example, an emphasis put on the grain of the image in postproduction.

Thierry Pouget has worked on very different genres as a cinematographer, from science fiction with ‘Eden Log’ (Franck Vestiel, 2007) to thrillers, with two movies by Julien Leclercq – ‘L’assaut’ (2010) and ‘Gibraltar’ (2007) – and romantic comedy with ‘Blind Date’ (Clovis Cornillac, 2015). For this third instalment of the ‘Belle & Sebastian’ franchise, color grading was essential due to the unique way in which light reflects on the snowy landscapes of the French Alps.

Eclair’s close collaboration on the two projects allowed for a unified rendering and a coherence that is central to color grading work. To learn more about Eclair’s postproduction work, visit

8 June 2018: Mixed General Assembly from June 29, 2018 (article in French)

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Le Groupe Ymagis (FR0011471291, MAGIS, PEA-PME, TECH 40), spécialiste européen des technologies numériques pour l’industrie du cinéma, informe ses actionnaires qu’une Assemblée Générale Mixte se tiendra le vendredi 29 juin 2018 à 8 heures 30 au siège social d’Ymagis, 40 rue Gabriel Crie – 92 240 Malakoff.

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25 May 2018: Interview with Gaumont Pathé Cinemas’ Sévrine Breil on EclairColor HDR Technology, CinemaNext and our Partner Barco/Cinionic

Sévrine Breil, Regional Director of Gaumont Pathé Cinemas for the Paris region, discusses the installation by the CinemaNext teams of the High Contrast Barco/Cinionic projection systems, certified by our EclairColor teams, in three Parisians theatres: Gaumont Marignan Champs-Elysées, Pathé Wepler and Gaumont Opéra Capucines.

She explains how the combination of the Gaumont Pathé Cinemas, the quality of Barco/Cinionic’s 4K Laser projectors, CinemaNext’s expertise and the EclairColor HDR technology offers audiences a unique and immersive cinema experience.

“This (EclairColor HDR) technology makes it possible to offer a clearer image, with more contrast, greater brightness, and as a result, a better sense of immersion in the movie,” she adds. “For directors and for all film crews, it’s important to have the best rendering of their work, of their ideas in pictures, and EclairColor truly contributes to that.”
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May 17, 2018: First cinema equipped with EclairColor HDR in the Drôme-Ardèche region (France)

The “Le Vivarais” cinema in Privas is the first cinema in the Drôme-Ardèche region to be equipped with EclairColor HDR technology. Le Vivarais, located in downtown Privas, now offers locals exceptional projection quality, in a theatre that is friendly and accessible with a diverse programme of films.

“We are proud that our theatre is now able to provide local audiences with the best possible cinema experience and such high standards of quality while remaining a gathering place close to the community of Privas,” said Patrick Dallet, owner of Le Vivarais. “EclairColor HDR significantly improves projection quality with richer colours, more light and definition, more depth of field and more density resulting in images that are closer to what the eye can see. This technology can be applied to big-budget films as well as independent productions, which perfectly reflects the vast array of content Le Vivarais offers.”

“This first step in the equipment of the Drôme-Ardèche region is a source of great pride for us. EclairColor HDR is a formidable opportunity for a theatre to enhance the moviegoing experience at an affordable price,” added Olivier Douet, Sales, Installation and Maintenance Director for CinemaNext France. “With 54 screens currently in France, the EclairColor HDR network of cinemas is expanding and more and more moviegoers, who are increasingly aware and demanding of projection quality, are able to enjoy this new cinema standard.”

There are currently over 130 EclairColor-equipped cinema screens with new content released in EclairColor HDR every week. The complete list of EclairColor-equipped theaters and films mastered is available at