Entrepreneurship and confidence in Digital Cinema is part of our culture.

YMAGIS was created in 2007 by professionals from the cinema industry

First agreements signed with 3 majors in 2008 (Paramount, Walt Disney and 20th Century Fox)

In September of that year contract signed with Universal Pictures. Sony and Warner Bros signed contracts later on.

YMAGIS was financed at first by its founders, and, at the end of 2008, two investment funds (OTC Asset Management and Odyssée Venture) agreed to invest in the company.

Unlike it’s European competitors, YMAGIS has not receive any significant public aid from any country government.

The entrepreneurial culture of the company allowed us to achieve recognition in the digital transition deplyment’s sector.

At the end of 2010, YMAGIS reached break even point, demonstrating it’s performance and adaptability. Ymagis completed its 5th year in 2012 with a turnover of 39,7 M€, an increase of 53%