Do you need to create or deliver digital content? Check what we offer…

YMAGIS’ Lab is open to everybody: producers, distributors and exhibitors can benefit from our expertise creating and distributing digital content.

Operating since 2007 and located close to Champs-Elysees, we have been working for US studios and other distributors worldwide; every month we prepare and deliver hundreds of digital prints to cinemas.

YMAGIS’ Lab provides services for all your release needs : Feature films, Shorts, Trailers, Advertising… both in 2D and in 3D:

  • Post-production
  • DCP Mastering (creation and local adaptation)
  • Quality Control is done in real cinema conditions
  • DCPs and KDMs delivery to cinemas across Europe and worldwide.
  • Digital content’s long term storage
  • 2k and 4k scanning and restoring

The security of your contents has been anticipated

The Ymagis laboratory fits with MPAA security standards as requested by US Studios.

Send us your content using the most convenient way for you: on-line or physically delivered to our offices from 8am till 8pm, on week days

On-line options:

  • FTP,
  • Smartjog,
  • Digidelivery,
  • Aspera,
  • Yousendit…

With YMAGIS’ lab, there aren’t any surprises: we offer you an “all inclusive” service. If any unplanned work is needed, as digital postproduction can involve wide variety of picture and sound sources, we’ll seek your approval before incurring in extra costs.

Sometimes conforming is needed and not always an straightforward process, in that case, we will need to charge per hour. For example:

  • Subtitles or sound transfers from 25 fps to 24 fps
  • Logo insertion with picture’s time warping …