Print duplication and logistics

Our goal is to deliver efficiently films and any other contents…

It doesn’t matter if a cinema uses Ymaginet, Globecast or Smartjog networks … or if you prefer physical content (hard drives)… Ymagis provides you with the service you need whilst monitoring your content’s delivery

Ymagis has different available options to deliver your content to cinemas:

  • “Easy” solution: Give us your target cinemas’ list, release version, date of first screening and we’ll deliver!
  • “Choice” solution: If you choose to use your preferred transport service, our digital lab will coordinate your deliveries
  • “Savings” solution: you may acquire a number of Hard Drives from Ymagis and then circulate them from cinema to cinema

With each of these services, you can create your KDMs at YMAGIS’ Lab or choose to order them from another provider.

Some of our services:

  • Physical media duplication (hard drives, USB keys, DVD-ROM)
  • Digital Print’s delivery to cinemas (DVD, hard drive, USB or dematerialized delivery)
  • Automatic KDM’s generation
  • DCP delivery information available online in real time
  • Technical assistance to cinemas

KDMs: if you need to edit, manage or distribute KDMs, Ymagis has developed a dedicated KDM management software

  • We manage a digital projection equipment’s international database (“Trusted Devices List”)
  • Automatic KDM creation and delivery
  • KDM order and tracking customer interface