Exhibitors’ Services

Our best ambassadors are our customers

YMAGIS has quickly build a reputation in the market, based on its own results: a quality service together with a fast response and emphasising competence, transparency, courage and respect at the centre of the relationship with our many partners and customers.

Suitable for many types of customers (laboratories, distributors, independent cinema owners and cinema chains…)

YMAGIS’ technical services bring to you everything you need for your digital transition, with the benefits from our European experience.

We stay with you 7 days a week, to offer the best solution to your needs and taking into account any limitations.


A dynamic team. “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change” Charles Darwin

YMAGIS’ technical services are delivered by a strong team of highly qualified people, very involved in digital cinema

Including software engineers that have worked in cinemas or at installer’s companies.

Operating from several centres: Paris, Berlin and Barcelona

With a dual mission: to support your digital transition 7 days a week and to create and evolve technical solutions, to always offer you the best in digital.

Corporate Services: Since 2007 we deliver what we promise

Organized into service units, together with our partners we are able to support you through the digital era.

  • Support Services: available 7 days a week, from 9am to midnight.
  • Deployment Services: always ready to install digital systems in your cinema.
  • Infrastructure and Supervision Services: collecting data and ensuring software updates to guarantee your equipment’s correct operation.
  • R&D Services: the benefits gained from collecting feedback from hundreds of European booths help us develop suitable tools for your every day needs.
  • Reporting Services: YMAGIS has implemented evolved tools you need for collecting and reporting activity logs.