Deployment service

We advise… and you choose your system and your installer

Thanks to its experience with service partners, Ymagis is able to ensure an efficient deployment, whatever projection devices you have chosen

Ymagis’ technical teams and its partners are at your service to deploy the digital devices your cinema needs, whether done on site (a new device installation) or connected remotely (setup of equipment, installation of new software).

Being agnostic in relation to manufacturers and software providers and, thanks to its European-wide experience, Ymagis can give the best advice when choosing and deploying your booths…

Despite schedule or delivery constraints, we make sure that everything necessary to deploy digital cinema is available: network, installation, booth, software and operator formation.

Ymagis assists you in seeking conformity for your digital booths and takes charge of all logistic tasks informing distributors, advertising companies, digital laboratories and digital content senders

This enables you to dedicate yourself fully to the cinema’s operational tasks. Special care is taken to ensure all installations are completed professionally and coherently, even when using multiple integrators.

Ymagis also provides direct deployment, configuration and training for third party Theatre Management Systems (TMS) by Doremi and DVidea.