An online service to generate your own JPEG2000 slides

Thanks to QuickDCP, you can efficiently communicate with your audience using silent images. You can easily transport lobby information to your screen!

With QuickDCP, you create your slides, with your own images, in fewer than 10 clicks:

  • Bring your screen to life with your own pictures
  • Promote your services
  • Announce previews, special events…

Some possible uses are:

  • Cinema logo
  • Use of abstract images to transform the screen into a work of art
  • Local activity information
  • Upcoming releases
  • Upcoming events (premieres…)
  • A quiz
  • The limit is your imagination !

How easy is it to use QuickDCP? In 7 simple steps, you will be able to project your own creation

  • Create your image in JPEG or PNG, or select an existing one
  • Go to: www.quickdcp.com
  • Upload your image to the site
  • Select the features: DCP’s name, type, duration (it could be a loop), start and end transitions and format (2K, Flat or Scope)
  • Confirm your selections
  • In a maximum of 24hrs (most of times in less than 20mn) your DCP will be ready to be downloaded, or will be automatically delivered to your library if you subscribe to Ymagis’ services.
  • Ingest your DCP onto your server and… enjoy!

Link to QuickDCP webpage