R&D services

Constantly adapting to the technology’s (r)evolution

The Ymagis’ R&D team develops most of the tools that you will use on a daily basis.

This team, which includes a dozen gifted software engineers, is using “agile” software development methods and is always aware of the every day field reality thanks to their close work with Ymagis’ laboratory and support teams. Our new products are the result of our daily interaction with your cinemas.

You get a great IT development service that listens to your needs…

Our engineers have a perfect understanding of the different digital projection devices and use the feedback from hundreds of European booths to improve your cinemas’ day-to-day operations.

When you use tools that are not developed by Ymagis (e.g. TMS), Ymagis is committed to assisting the software editors to ensure they can deliver results as close as possible to your requirements.

This proximity between our team of engineers in software development and your every-day needs has been key to Ymagis’ success.

Ymagis’ R&D services assure a constant adaptation to digital cinema’s fast technical changes. You can benefit from it!