Theatre Central Server

The best way to control all your screens from a central point

Ymagis’ TCS is the best central cinema server that offers operators the possibility of controlling all the screens from a central point. It is the heart of a digital theatre, optimizing its management.

Ymagis TCS is able to do the following:

All your digital equipment is linked through a local network allowing interaction with them

You can connect any digital equipment in the cinema in order to transfer files, schedule performances and control your equipment remotely.

You are connected to and can receive dematerialized content (DCP, KDM)

Moreover, Ymagis’ TCS is fully compatible with automatic reception of digital content sent through ADSL, fiber or satellite by external providers such as Globecast or Smartjog.

Ymagis’ TCS is also a storage library for your cinema.

You are able to stock between 30 and 850 movies on your TCS. DCP Manager’s applications help you to organize all this content

You are free to choose your own TMS (Theatre Management System)

Ymagis’ TCS can host any third party TMS such as Doremi or Dvidea. Ymagis’ engineers work with TMS’ manufacturers to make them compatible with the TCS. However, starting December 31th 2013, YES will stop supporting on the TCS other TMS than the one developed by Ymagis.

A firewall system is in charge of security

The network is kept safe thanks to a firewall system integrated within the Ymagis’ TCS. You may connect your office network safely to this network: connecting it through the firewall without jeopardizing your projections

Highly trained technical support

Ymagis’ TCS supervises all equipment to avoid failures and reduce screenings’ interruptions. When necessary, Ymagis’ engineers can connect remotely to devices to solve problems, using the TCS as a powerful tool to resolve problems from another location. Our engineers are highly qualified and available every day from 9AM to midnight.

With only 2 hours of training, anyone can learn how to operate the Ymagis’ TCS’ easy-to-use interface.