Ymagis Engineering Services (YES)

YES offers a wide range of services to manage the digital conversion and to simplify digital cinema’s everyday operations

YES’ Approach : Services of the highest quality at the most competitive prices

Installation of equipment for digital projection:

• Complete equipment and configuration of the projection room complying with DCI / ISO recommendations
• Sale and installation of both active and passive 3D systems
• Initial training on the use of your equipment and on basic cinema booth’s maintenance
• YMAGIS Installation’s technical teams are professionals recognized and renowned for the quality of their installations.
YMAGIS’ digital installation technicians are well versed with digital since its beginnings and still hold a 35mm technology know-how as it’s how they all started.

Sale of consumables

Regardless of how you have acquired your digital systems, you can benefit from our efficient organization and attractive pricing for all your consumables’ purchases:
• Xenon lamp
• Replacement and additional hard drives
• Air filters, etc..

Remote maintenance, assistance and technical support, and intervention

YES’ service provides:
• Guaranteed reaction and intervention time in case of incident
• Provision of spare parts at preferential prices
• A remote support service every day of the year, from 8 am to midnight
• Remote maintenance of your equipment: we guide you remotely to prevent at best breakdowns and material damages.

TMS & Softwares

Ymagis offers its customers a user-friendly full TMS solution, compatible with most digital cinema equipment (Barco, Christie, Dolby, Doremi, GDC and Nec). The product line MUSIC (several softwares based on the TMS Melody) helps exhibitors to manage and monitor the programming of their shows and to operate their projection booths automatically.

MUSIC includes :

MELODY TMS : New TMS developped by Ymagis. Elegant design and extended features. Melody suits any types of exhibitors. It allows them to monitor all their programming and manage the reception of any digital content (movies, trailers, advertisements, etc.). Also exists in a mobile version : Melody Mobile to supervise and operate screens and shows from anywhere (usable on smartphones and tablets). DCI compliant regarding security requirements. Melody brochure

SYMPHONY is a multisite version of Melody, for a centralized management of theater groups.

HARMONY extends traditional MELODY features to booth power management (turning on and off electrical equipment : media servers, projector, sound processor…). Insuring equipment’s life time by respecting powering procedures. This module, connected with the TMS, carries out switching on and off equipment based on TMS screens/shows scheduling. It also provides a power saving mode, which can be activated between two shows to optimize energy consumption.

ORCHESTRA is a library-software package enabling you to receive, store and automatically manage all your cinema content (feature films, trailers, advertising, DCP alternative content…). ORCHESTRA provides electronic or physical content reception (via satellite, DSL/Fiber, HDD or USB Pen Drive) and storage. For optimal management of your equipment and your screenings, ORCHESTRA includes MelodY TMS. Orchestra brochure

Theater Central Server (TCS)

A unique tool to manage all your cinemas, store your movies, operate the screenings.

Sound Chain Upgrade (5.1, 7.1, Atmos)