Baditri and Olwyn Films signs with Ymagis

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September 2011
Ymagis, a company that has already agreements in place with all six “majors” distributors, incorporates now distributors Baditri S.L. and Olwyn Films S.L., opening the door for Spanish independent distributors to participate in the deployment of digital cinema in Spain. Under these agreements, both distributors will provide their content in digital format when programming films with Spanish exhibitors equipped with DCI compliant Digital Cinema Systems under agreements with Ymagis. They will provide financial contributions during an agreed period of time, contributing to the promotion of Digital Cinema in Spain.
These agreements, together with those already in place between Ymagis and Paramount Pictures Corporation, The Walt Disney Studios, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures and Warner Bros, will enable Ymagis to provide tailored solutions for Spanish exhibitors in their efforts to equip their cinemas with DCI compliant Systems. This will bring benefits to both distributors and exhibitors, including, but not limited to, a greater quality, consistency for their virtual prints and greater copyright protection.

Verdi signs with Ymagis

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July 2011
Verdi’s cinemas, a well-known Spanish exhibitor specialized in art-house movies that manages two cinemas located in Madrid and Barcelona with a total of 15 screens, has signed an agreement with Ymagis for their Digital Cinema deployment. Verdi’s founder and CEO, Mr Enric Pérez, said: “it’s time to face digitization and Ymagis has come up with the best option to ensure we’ll be able to continue offering the art house diversity as we have done until now”. This agreement confirms Ymagis has solutions that include independent movies in the Digital Cinema arena.


Digital projection deployment in cinemas

YMAGIS accompanies cinema owners and film and audio-visual content distributors through every stage of their digital cinema transition

YMAGIS offers a European Virtual Print Fee (VPF) where a “pooled fund” is shared between all participants. This is a flexible and fair solution for all, where an amount called “contribution” is fixed and paid monthly. It is compatible with public subsidies as these go directly to the exhibitor.

YMAGIS represents the best option for exhibitors for their digitisation

Negotiating the best financial terms to be sustainable and covering most of their investment.

YMAGIS guarantees income to exhibitors during a smooth transition

Respecting existing business’ relationships between content distributors and exhibitors, independent of their programming for the whole contract period.

Our model is highly proven across Europe

And it’s implemented by highly trained engineers.

Grup Balaña signs with Ymagis


June 2011
Grup Balaña, a key exhibitor controlling cinemas and theaters in Barcelona, Spain, and Ymagis have signed an agreement for deployment of Digital Cinema in their 50 screens in the Catalan Capital. This family owned company decided to partner with Ymagis after careful consideration choosing the solution that adapted best to its needs. Grup Balañá has always offered its audiences the best possible movie-going experience and now, only with Ymagis, has found the collaboration and range of solutions necessary to embark in this new phase for their cinemas.