Baditri and Olwyn Films signs with Ymagis

Logo Baditri 2

September 2011
Ymagis, a company that has already agreements in place with all six “majors” distributors, incorporates now distributors Baditri S.L. and Olwyn Films S.L., opening the door for Spanish independent distributors to participate in the deployment of digital cinema in Spain. Under these agreements, both distributors will provide their content in digital format when programming films with Spanish exhibitors equipped with DCI compliant Digital Cinema Systems under agreements with Ymagis. They will provide financial contributions during an agreed period of time, contributing to the promotion of Digital Cinema in Spain.
These agreements, together with those already in place between Ymagis and Paramount Pictures Corporation, The Walt Disney Studios, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures and Warner Bros, will enable Ymagis to provide tailored solutions for Spanish exhibitors in their efforts to equip their cinemas with DCI compliant Systems. This will bring benefits to both distributors and exhibitors, including, but not limited to, a greater quality, consistency for their virtual prints and greater copyright protection.

Ymagis releases new website

Ymagis homepage

August 2011
Since its inception, Ymagis has been managing its resources based on its priorities and this, often meant Exhibitors and Distributors had to come first. Now, after nearly 3 years’ in operation, Ymagis has completed a web site update that not only reflects much better the company’s achievements, but also provides lots more information and a number of interesting links. From now on, both Exhibitors and Distributors, as well as any other interested parties, will be able to learn about Ymagis’ solutions, find out which and where are the cinemas deployed by Ymagis and easily contact any of Ymagis’ teams, with just a few clicks.