Cineplex signs with Ymagis
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The vast majority of the exhibitors forming the Cineplex Group (Germany), representing together close to 423 screens, have concluded a contract with Ymagis for the digitalization of their screens. Pursuant to this agreement, Cineplex will achieve its digital deployment in the coming six months. Ymagis will provide Cineplex with various services, from VPF management and financing solutions, to technical services. Each of the 73 cinemas that are part of this agreement will be equipped withDCI-°© compliant digital projection equipment from various manufacturers, and with the new “Ymagis Theatre Central Server” that has been recently released by Ymagis which will enable Cineplex to enjoy a secure infrastructure between all connected screens. The cinemas will be serviced by German Service Partners such as Cineproject, FTT Rüttgers and Kinoton, and by Ymagis’ subsidiary specialized in technical services, Ymagis Engineering Services.

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