Ymagis Group Announces the Launch of New HTM Hybrid Tone Mapping Technology, a Smart SMPTE DCP Combining Both SDR & HDR Formats

24 April 2018

Ymagis Group (FR0011471291, MAGIS, PEA-PME, TECH 40), the European specialist in digital technologies for the film industry, is pleased to announce today at CinemaCon the launch of its new HTM (Hybrid Tone Mapping) technology, which enables the optimized storage of two or more versions – SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) and HDR (High Dynamic Range) – of a same feature film in a single SMPTE -compliant (Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers) DCP (Digital Cinema Package).

The patent-pending HTM solution offers a multi-display DCP (MD DCP – Multi-dynamic Digital Cinema Package) that comes with a special software, MD Map (Multi-dynamic Mapping), that is easily integrated in projection systems through regular updates, as well as current or future LED displays. MD DCPs are fully compatible with all types of projection systems and LED cinema screens.

By incorporating specific settings in the DCP, the same content can be played via a standard projection system in SDR format as well as in HDR, whether the equipment is an EclairColor HDR-certified projector or simply HDR-ready. HTM technology allows the system to read the same group of files by automatically selecting the correct version of the film that matches the projection systems’ or existing LED displays’ technical specifications. Each version of the film gives filmmakers full artistic control over the content knowing that the HTM technology allows to combine an automatic adaption of the signal with the settings done by the color grader at the postproduction stage.

“The way distribution companies work today implies the multiplication of DCPs to adapt to the different screening environments of movie theaters, which is quite a constraint,” explains Cédric Lejeune, Vice President of Technology & Innovation at Eclair. “MD DCP offers a unique opportunity to assemble all versions of the same film on just one medium, one single DCP, without any significative increase in file size compared to a regular DCI DCP. This enhancement represents a great competitive advantage for both distributors and exhibitors. With this new, smart DCP, they can adopt HDR solutions like EclairColor HDR while simplifying the supply chain in a bold way. Without altering any aspect of the artistic choices made by the filmmaker or the director of photography, HDR and SDR versions are merged in an intelligent manner on one DCP. Movies can be projected from a single media fully compatible with the SMPTE standard and fit any type of existing display technology.”

“Today, for each film release, distributors need to provide hundreds of versions due to the various different technical and language versions,” comments Jean Mizrahi, co-Founder and President of Ymagis Group. “Thanks to Eclair's talented engineers, we are launching a singular smart solution that provides one DCP that is entirely compatible with projection system and LED display capabilities. The number of DCPs required is therefore greatly reduced. The HTM technology will facilitate the adoption of the HDR image in movie theaters. It can be used with both digital cinema projection systems installed at the beginning of the digital transition all the way to EclairColor-certified high contrast projection systems and EclairColor-certified high contrast LED Cinema Screens. With such flexibility, MD DCP paves the way to a flexible and staggered migration of movie theaters toward HDR technology.”